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Chimney Inspection

Comprehensive Chimney Inspection Services in West Orange, NJ

It’s easy to underestimate the significance of a chimney inspection until you face a serious issue. Regular inspections help keep your chimney functioning safely and efficiently. They are vital to identify and resolve potential problems early on, preventing extensive damage and costly repairs down the line.

At Black Rock Chimney Sweep & Repair, we understand this better than anyone. Our certified technicians in West Orange, NJ, provide professional chimney inspections that can save you from the dangerous consequences of an unattended chimney, including chimney fires or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Our Approach

Our approach to chimney service inspection is methodical and comprehensive. Our experts start by examining the visible parts of your chimney, checking for any signs of damage or build-up. We then dig deeper into the less accessible areas, using specialized tools to inspect the interior of your chimney and flue for obstructions, creosote deposits, or structural issues.

Rest assured, when you choose Black Rock Chimney Sweep & Repair for your chimney inspection, no stone is left unturned. We ensure that your chimney is safe, efficient, and ready for use.

Level 1

Level 1 chimney inspection is the most common type of chimney inspection we perform. This process involves a visual check of all the easily accessible parts of your chimney. We look for any damage, blockages, or deposits that could affect the performance or safety of your chimney. A Level 1 inspection is usually sufficient if your chimney and venting system are easily accessible and there are no changes to your system.

Level 2

A Level 2 chimney inspection is more in-depth. It includes everything in a Level 1 inspection, plus the examination of the attic, crawl spaces, and other accessible areas. It also involves a video scan of the chimney’s interior to detect any hidden damages. A Level 2 inspection is recommended when there are changes to your system, like changes in fuel type, or if there are specific concerns regarding the structure of your chimney.

Trust Black Rock Chimney Sweep & Repair for Chimney Inspections

At Black Rock Chimney Sweep & Repair, we pride ourselves on our commitment to ensuring the safety and comfort of our customers in West Orange, NJ. Our expertly trained professionals are well-equipped to handle all types of chimney inspections, offering you the peace of mind you deserve. Reach out to us at (862) 213-0454 to schedule your chimney inspection today.

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